A damaging hail storm is a unique occurrence, and it pushes insurance companies and local panel shops to their limits.

   The main goal of insurance companies in dealing with hail damage is to get your vehicle repaired and have you back on the road as soon as possible. This mandate can only be accomplished by partnering with an experienced PDR Company specializing in fast-response hail repairs.

    Dent Extractors is determined to bring quality and integrity to the Paintless Dent Repair industry. We have established ourselves as leaders and innovators in bringing PDR to the mainstream.

     We help our business partners and technicians by developing, administering, marketing and fulfilling the best possible product and service to their customers. We start each job with the desire to do it right the first time.


    We work closely with insurance companies in developing detailed hail response protocols to make Dent Extractors an integrated extension of their company. As part of the hail response protocol we can provide a claim drive location, highly skilled licensed PDR technicians and complete one stop operation handling high volume repairs. All usually within 72 Hrs of storm occurance.

  Panel Shops

     Panel Shops are already busy with their day-to-day collision work, so the additional workflow caused by hail storms can easily push a shop over capacity. This is where Dent Extractors fits in to assist with the additional hail damage workflow.

    Dent Exractors can set up in your location ,if space permits or in a close location to handle all your claim requirements as requirered, fully licensed and insured.

    Dent Extractors can handle all quoting, customer relations, repairs and vehicle deliveries. The existing business continues to run normally and the risk of losing customers due to long wait times is reduced.


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